When would you need an X chromosome test?

  • An X chromosome test can help females establish whether they share  the same biological father. If the females tested have different mothers, we do not require the addition of the mother’s sample for the test.
  • In cases where females share the same mother, they can still carry out an this test but only if the mothers sample is available for testing.

How do I order my test?

At easyDNA we offer a full range of Sibling DNA tests including Y chromosome testing (used strictly between male test participants) and X chromosome testing (used strictly between female test participants). X Chromosome testing starts at only TBH26,000 + 7% VAT, this includes testing two females. Select your test depending on the number of test participants and whether the mother’s DNA sample is available for the test.  A pre-addressed enveloped is provided for you to send the samples back to the lab. You will receive your results in 17- 21 working days from receipt of samples.

Collecting samples for your X chromosome test

Once you have placed your order we will send out your DNA test kit. Kits are pre-packed and contain swabs for up to 3 test participants. Swabs need to be rubbed inside the mouth for just ten seconds and then left to dry. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use your DNA testing kit please visit our sample collection guide page.

About the X chromosome

Every female has 23 XX chromosome pairs. The X chromosome is one of the 2 chromosomes which determines sex. The X chromosome is also much more complex and carries far more genes than the Y; in fact they carry 2,000 : 50 respectively. There are certain abnormalities where people can have extra X chromosomes or other abnormalities in this chromosome. Because both males and females have X chromosome any chromosome abnormalities may manifest themselves in different ways. Some examples of X chromosome autosomal abnormalities include Klinefelter syndrome and Trisonomy X.

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