Sample DNA Paternity Test Results

EasyDNA Thailand offers you the chance to preview two sample DNA test results. These samples will help you better understand the format as well as the terminology we use for our paternity testing. Kindly note that these are just samples; any names have been removed.

Interpreting a DNA Relationship Test Result

Unlike a DNA paternity test, which will always provide a conclusive result, relationship tests are different as they involve the comparison of less direct relationships than those between parent and child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our list of frequently asked questions tackles some of the most common questions and queries you might have about your DNA test. This page should help resolve most issues; however we do urge you to contact us should you require anything further!

DNA Testing Tips

The market for paternity testing and other genetic DNA tests to establish biological relationships has increased tremendously. Through the following DNA testing tips, we provide you with some questions you may need to ask when deciding which company to do your testing with.

DNA Test Kit

Our kit is sent out to our clients as soon their order has been processed. The home kit will be sent out from our office and will arrive at the client’s chosen address in around 3 business days. Kits are packaged discreetly, with no company or content labels.

Create Your Own Kit

We know that it may not always be possible to use our kit due to time constraints or living in a remote location. In such cases you can create your own kit following a few basic instructions and collect DNA samples from the comfort of your own home!

Kits in Different Locations

Not all the persons participating in a DNA test may reside at the same address or location. EasyDNA offers the possibility to have separate DNA paternity testing kits sent to individuals residing at different addresses both within the same country as well as in different ones.

Understand Your Results

We understand that for many clients, this will be their first experience with any kind of DNA testing. We at EasyDNA have therefore put together this comprehensive guide to assist you in better understanding what your DNA test results are actually telling you.

Payment Options

We offer our customers a wide array of payment options including PayPal, credit card and bank transfer to pay for their DNA tests. If you encounter any problems with payment please contact us directly and we’ll be more than happy to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.


We at EasyDNA have created a number of videos, infographics and multimedia presentations. We believe that these forms of media are a great way to reach out to and communicate our messages to our customers. Why not view our prenatal, gender and other videos we have for you.

STR Analysis

STR Analysis is an important term in the field of DNA testing and genetic sequencing. STR stands for Short Tandem Repeats and STR testing is a type of analysis that compares specific loci on DNA samples that are used in relationship testing.


Every field has its own specialized jargon and terminology. Our glossary is helpful for you to understand DNA testing related terms and their use quickly and easily. It sums up the main terms you will meet during your DNA testing experience with us.