Siblings DNA Test

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EasyDNA Thailand offers a wide range of DNA relationship testing services. Our tests include DNA sibling testing as well as aunt/Uncle DNA testing and grandparentage tests. A relationship test is used to determine whether two or more individuals are biological relatives.

Mitochondrial DNA Test

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MtDNA testing or Mitochondrial DNA testing is used to determine whether two or more individuals share the same maternal lineage. The mtDNA test is based on the mitochondrial DNA sequence variation that is passed on from females to their offspring.

Y Chromosome Test

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Are you 2 or more males that need to know if you share the same biological father, grandfather or male relative? If this is your case, then this is the test you need. A Y chromosome test is ideal to test a common patrilineal line between males tested.

Maternity Test

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A DNA maternity test is used to determine a biological relationship between an alleged mother and a child. The test works in the exact same way as the DNA paternity test and the results guarantee minimum probabilities in excess of 99.99%+ for inclusion of maternity, and 100% for exclusion.

Aunt & Uncle Test

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The aunt-uncle DNA test or avuncular DNA test can be used to confirm whether you are the biological aunt or uncle of your niece or nephew. If the alleged father of a child is unavailable for a paternity test, testing the alleged father's brothers or sisters can establish the paternity of the child whose paternity is in question.

Grandparentage Test

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A grandparents test is often done when the alleged father of the grandchild is unable to participate in a DNA paternity test. Testing the parents of the alleged father can determine if they are the biological relatives of their grandchild.

Twins DNA Test

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EasyDNA offers a DNA test for twins that will confirm accurately if you are an identical twin or fraternal. Fraternal twins are sometimes called dizygotic twins and identical twins monozygotic. Identical twins will have identical genetic blueprints. Fraternal twins will not have identical genetic blueprints.

X Chromosome Test

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The X chromosome test is commonly used to determine if females with different mothers share the same father. Our X chromosome test will compare the X chromosome profiles of the females tested to confirm a match between the profiles.


How do I decide which relationship test I need?
When do I use a sibling DNA test?
How long do relationship test results take?
How are relationship DNA testing samples collected?

How do I decide which relationship test I need?

There are many relationship tests available and deciding which test is most suited can be difficult. But this is out customer support team come in – we are here to guide you and provide you with the test most suited to your individual case. Just call us and we will discuss you case. Keep in mind the following:

  1. What exactly do you need to find out?
  2. Who is available for the relationship test?
  3. Are they willing to take part in the test?

When do I use a sibling DNA test?

The DNA sibling test can be used when alleged siblings wish to determine whether they are full siblings, half siblings or unrelated. In cases where siblings want to know whether they are half or full siblings, the sample of a known parent is not required. However, when testing for half siblings, or unrelated siblings, the inclusion of the sample of a known parent (normally the mother) is recommended to strengthen the results of the test.

The following options are also available depending on the sex of the people being tested:

  • Do a Y chromosome test if siblings are male and want to determine whether they share the same father. This test will clearly establish male lineage. For more information on this test visit our Y chromosome testing page.
  • An X chromosome test is used if siblings are female, have different mothers and want to know if they share the same father. Visit our X chromosome testing page for further information.
  • An MtDNA test (Mitochondrial DNA test) can be used if siblings are male and female and want to determine maternal lineage. Visit our MtDNA testing page for more information.

How long do relationship test results take?

Not all relationship tests have the same turnaround time. Some tests take long than others. Most of our relationship testing services, including grandparentage, aunt/uncle and Y chromosome testing have a turnaround time of 10 working days. X chromosome testing and mitochondrial DNA testing have longer turnaround times.

How are relationship DNA testing samples collected?

Relationship DNA testing samples can be collected with our kit- whenever possible we suggest using this kit. Inside your kit you will find oral swabs, consent forms and instructions. If you cannot collect samples using oral swabs, for example if a relative is not available for the test, you can send us a forensic sample such as hairs, nails, toothbrushes or garments.