Infidelity DNA Testing

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EasyDNA Thailand offers infidelity DNA testing services. This test is a scientific way of establishing the origin of suspect genetic material and confirming or excluding the identity of the donor. We can test a vast range of DNA samples including semen stains, blood stains, cigarette ends and many more.

DNA Profiles

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A DNA profile is your personal and unique form of genetic identification. Whilst many of your identification documents such as your passport could be forged, your DNA profile is unique and no other person can have your same profile (unless they are your identical twin).

Disaster Victim Identification

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EasyDNA offers DNA testing for the identification of disaster victims in situations where the victim’s body has decomposed to an extent that physical or facial recognition is no longer possible. This DNA test can help identify the victim through a DNA test using a wide range of samples such as hair, nails or blood.