Has my girlfriend two-timed me? Is my boyfriend cheating?

Cheating, marital infidelity and two-timing in relationships has, at some point or other, plagued many of us. Whilst living in doubt can be troubling, an infidelity DNA test offers you the possibility to resolve your doubts. So what item has roused your suspicions? Have you found stains on some garment or perhaps the garment itself has triggered the detective in you? Send us the sample you have in hand and we can tell you a number of things depending on what you request. We are able to:


  • Carry out an advanced genetic test to determine whether the sample has male or female DNA. In our experience, we can even tell you that in some cases there may be a mix of DNA profiles or in other cases no DNA at all. To find out whether the sample contains male or female DNA the laboratory analysts look for the amelogenin sex gene. This gene is one of the gender determining genes.
  • If you wish, you can also take the investigation further. Who could the DNA in the stain or sample you provided belong to? Could it belong to you? Your partner or spouse? Some other person? Do you have a DNA sample from a known source we can compare it to? We could establish whether the DNA profiles in two or more different samples match or whether they originate from different people.

Before sending a sample

We test countless DNA samples including semen, hair, stains on all clothing, envelopes, toothbrushes and many more. We do like to suggest that you contact us before hand to discuss you case. We also like to give our clients a full consultation so that they can understand more about what the test entails and the chances of success with the DNA sample they provide.

We also need to advise you about:


  • How to collect the DNA sample
  • How to package it
  • Price for the DNA Test

To understand more about non-standard samples and the success rate of DNA extraction visit our page on forensic services.

How much is an infidelity test?

Infidelity testing starts from very competitive prices. The price does however increase depending on how many samples are being tested, the number of samples, as well as whether you choose to carry out any further DNA tests. Again, contact us for a quote. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Disclaimer: Is he cheating? Is she cheating?

EasyDNA is a DNA testing company. Our infidelity DNA testing services are scientific tests. Although we offer testing for infidelity, we cannot comment on the results beyond their scientific relevance and the facts these results present. Our DNA test may show that the samples you send in belong to a female or that there is a match between two different samples – the significance of this in terms of whether or not somebody has cheated is for you to interpret. The reliability and precision of our DNA testing is guaranteed by the high standard which all our DNA testing is performed. Samples are tested in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

Contact us to discuss your infidelity test, home paternity tests or any of our range of services that may interest you.

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