Grandparentage DNA testing options

A grandparentage DNA test can be used to confirm the biological relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren. The cost of the test is of THB31,850 + 7% VAT.

Single grandparent DNA analysis : This test includes just ONE of the grandparents; it can either be a grandfather test or a grandmother test. In such cases it is necessary to include the sample of the mother to strengthen the results. Although testing with a single grandparent and a parent may provide conclusive results, there is still a chance of inconclusive results. EasyDNA does not therefore offer single grandparent testing, even if the sample of a known parent can be included.

Duo grandparent DNA analysis : (RECOMMENDED) This test includes both the grandfather and grandmother. Testing can be done without the sample of the mother. The DNA of the grandparents is compared to that of the grandchild to establish the probability of relationship.

Why test both grandparents in a DNA test?

In a grandparent test we are able to do two things. First we take the DNA of grandfather and grandmother and reconstruct the DNA of the untested, missing parent (the parent of the grandchild). Once we have the reconstructed profile, we can indirectly establish the paternity or maternity of the child by comparing the reconstructed profile with the profile of the child to confirm whether the missing, untested parent is the biological parent of the child. In a grandparentage test we will also provide the probability of relationship between grandfather and grandchild and grandmother and grandchild.

The cost includes analysis of one grandparent, mother and one grandchild.  Results will be sent to you within 10 working days . An express option is also available for faster results.

Male test participants: Grandfather & grandson

If test participants are only male (no female test participants) and want to establish a shared paternal line, we suggest a Y chromosome test.

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