Types of DNA profile testing

All DNA testing is performed by our highly accredited ISO17025 partner laboratory using state-of-the-art equipment. The accuracy of our testing is therefore guaranteed. A copy of your profile will be issued within 5 to 7 business days from the receipt of the samples at the laboratory. An express service option is also available for an additional fee.

EasyDNA offers a number DNA profiling options as can be seen from the following information. Please select the test that best applies to your requirements or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

DNA profile for personal or informative purposes

A person requesting this test will collect his own DNA sample through the collection the kit provided by EasyDNA. The samples will be sent back to the laboratory for analysis and the result issued. The document can be used for informative purposes but has no legal validity.

DNA profile for legal/Official Purposes 

A genetic profile required for legal or official purposes, such as to be attached to a will or else to be used for current or future identification of an individual, requires proper Chain-of-Custody procedures to be followed. In this case a special kit will be sent to the client, and sampling will have to be done by a GP or official who will be responsible for verifying and handling the samples.

Once the sample is processed, EasyDNA will issue a notarized copy of the result which can be stored in a secure location or deposited with your legal advisor.

Comparison and verification purposes

EasyDNA also offers the service whereby it can compare the profile from the sample submitted by the client to profiles produced by another company (e.g. in a paternity test). This can be done to verify whether the profiles submitted for the paternity test were of the correct persons.

Apart from the samples, the client will be required to send a copy of the paternity test result. It is preferable to send a copy in advance to determine whether the analysis has been performed on similar loci used by EasyDNA.

Uses of DNA profiles

Since every DNA profile is unique to the individual it can be used for a variety of purposes as shown below :

  • To safeguard the rightful heirs and ensure that they will inherit your estate through the exclusion of false claims on your inheritance.
  • To avoid expensive exhumations if your genetic blueprint is required in the future.
  • As a precaution for any possible future identification/verification requirements e.g. in cases of kidnapping, accidental death etc.
  • To assure the availability of permanently stored identification records.
  • To confirm the validity of the samples sent for a previous DNA relationship testing.

This service is applicable to a wide range of private individuals or private and public organizations including large estate owners, insurance companies, security service companies, persons who work in high risk jobs etc.

Visit our frequent questions section for more general information about various tests. If you are interested in confirming the relationship between alleged father and child, why not find out more information about our paternity testing services.

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