Select the type of sample required

Type of Sample
Price Success Rate

Blood on Filter paper
THB4000 90% or higher

Also called Whatman, Matrix or Parchment; less than 60 days old. Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.

THB4000 90% or higher

Frozen vial (Sperm bank) or fresh swab; Semen on fabric. Ship in paper envelope.

Blood stain on fabric
THB4000 60-90%

Includes bandages, gauze and facial tissues (Kleenex) or napkins. Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.

Fingernail/nail Clippings
THB4000 60-90%

Need 5-10 clippings. Ship in paper envelope.

Tissue (muscles, organs); non-embalmed
THB7000 60-90%

Depends on age and storage conditions; CHAIN ONLY. Request consultation.

Ear Swab
THB4000 60-90%

Ship in paper envelope.

Umbilical Cord
THB7000 60-90%

Dried, must have a reference sample from mother. Ship in paper envelope or as preserved.

Semen stain on fabric
THB4000 60-90%

Area should be indicated on fabric; incl bandages, gauze & tissues or napkins. Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.

Hair with roots
THB4000 60% or less

Ensure roots are present (7-10 hairs) - shed or cut hair will not work. Ship in paper envelope.

Razor (Electric, Disposable)
THB7000 60% or less

Send entire blade or disposable razor, debris can be sent in envelope. Ship in paper envelope.

Cigarette butts
THB4000 60% or less

Depends on type/brand. Ship in paper envelope.

Chewing gum
THB4000 60% or less

Sugarless preferred. Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag.

THB4000 60% or less

Facial tissue (Kleenex), napkin or paper towel. Ship in paper envelope.

THB4000 60% or less

Depends on storage condition / swab inside of condom. Ship in paper envelope.

THB4000 60% or less

Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.

Soda can / drinking glass / plastic container
THB4000 60% or less

Swab well w/ cotton swab or send in article with area clearly marked. Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.

Tampon/Feminine Pad
THB4000 60% or less

Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.

Drinking straw
THB7000 60% or less

Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.

Envelope flaps
THB7000 60% or less

Depends on age of envelope and how sealed. Request consultation.

Bones from exhumed body

For forensic cases only. Request consultation.


Molar, premolar or canine preferred. Ship in paper envelope.


Femur or humorus bone, 3-4 inches in length use clean blade. Request consultation.

More info

These discreet samples can be used for our complete range of DNA tests, including our standard home paternity test, however they are not normally applicable for legal DNA tests due to the chain of custody requirements.

Situations where forensic tests may be used include cases where the alleged father is deceased, but biological samples such as hair or fingernails are available. Hair DNA testing is one of the more commonly requested service. We recommend that you contact our technical team to discuss your case and quote you accordingly.

The list below highlights our complete range of discreet samples that may be submitted for testing, the additional cost per test as well as the expected DNA extraction success rate per sample. Discreet samples terms and conditions should also be reviewed prior to sending the samples.

Further reading

There are many viable sources of DNA but of course, not all will yield a sufficient number of genetic markers. A number of factors influence the validity of the sample including:

• The age of the sample
• The type of tissue from which the DNA is derived
• Chemicals to which the sample has been subject
• Temperature
• Storage

Read our full article about DNA testing with forensic samples.

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