Celiac Disease Genetic Testing

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Celiac disease genetic testing can accurately confirm whether you have a genetic predisposition to celiac disease. Around 83% of celiac diseases suffers go undiagnosed. Could you be one of them? Celiac disease is a serious genetic autoimmune disorder and could lead to long-term complications that could adversely affect your life.

Lactose Intolerance DNA Test

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Experience discomfort when eating dairy products? Do you feel bloated or get indigestion after consuming foods such as milk or cheese? If the answer to these questions is Yes, then you may need a lactose intolerance test. A lactose intolerance test will establish whether you carry certain a gene mutation which makes you unable to produce the enzyme which helps digest lactose.

Cancer Predisposition NGS Panel

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Not all cancers are hereditary - but some of them are. If you did carry a hereditary gene associated with a particular type of cancer wouldn’t you want to know? The genetic mutations that cause many of the known hereditary cancer syndromes have been identified by scientists, making it possible for us to offer this potentially life-saving test.

Genetic Predisposition Test

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The Genetic Predisposition DNA Health Test is an innovative test which allows you to discover whether you are genetically predisposed towards developing a number of diseases and medical conditions, including cardiovascular conditions, different types of cancers, disorders of the immune system, diabetes as well as medical conditions related to ageing.